2018 Pet Tech Trends

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2018 Pet Tech Trends

Pet Tech is a rapidly growing industry that has the ability to change you and your pet’s life for the better. It seems like every day there is a new innovation in the pet tech market. Things like pet GPS chips and virtual pet sitters can help make our pets safer, while other tech products like robotic toys can bring entertainment and exercise into your pet’s life. Below are four of the top pet tech trends for 2018.

Virtual Pet Sitters

Virtual pet sitters can be anything from webcams to mounted speakers that allow you to interact with your pet even when you’re not there. The awesome thing about virtual pet sitters is that most of them come with a feature that dispenses treats to your pet as a reward for interacting with the device when they hear your voice or see your face on the camera. With apps and constant streaming to your mobile device, you can see what your pet is doing all day and check in with them periodically. Some virtual pet sitters also act as feeders, dispensing your pet’s proportioned meal automatically at set times during the day. With virtual pet sitters, you can ensure your pet is safe, fed, and not lonely while you’re at work or running errands.


Pet GPS Chip

One of the fastest growing pet tech trends in 2018 is the pet GPS chip, or pet GPS tracking system. These devices can easily be placed on your pet’s existing collar and work with an app on your smartphone. The pet GPS chip tracks your pet’s location, movement, temperature, and barking levels. On certain pet GPS chip apps, you can set up alerts to let you know if you’re pet has left a designated Geo Fence or if they are barking for any reason. Pet GPS chips are a great technology because they allow you to always know where your pet is and track them down if they ever get lost or run away.


Video Cams

Much like a GoPro for pets, pet video cams attach to your pet’s collar and allow you to see the world through their eyes. These pet cameras work for either dogs or cats and are both practical and fun to use. You can download the videos to your computer or phone and get to experience what your pet sees all day. You can also keep an eye on any mischief your pet may get into while you’re away. The device is lightweight so it’s safe for your pet to wear, and comes equipped with a 3-hour battery life.


Pet Toys

Whether your arm gets tired from throwing your dog’s tennis ball back and forth, or you just don’t have the attention span to play with your cat all day, there is a pet tech solution for you. Pet tech toys are the hottest new trend in pet tech, giving your pets hours of endless fun and exercise. There are pet tech toys that automatically launch tennis balls for your pet to catch, some that release treats after your pet plays a certain period of time, and others that run a laser back and forth for your pet to chase. No matter what kind of play your pet likes, there is a pet tech toys out there for every pet.


From pet GPS chips to automatic tennis ball launchers, the pet tech trends of 2018 are designed to make pets’ and their owners’ lives easier and more fun.

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