4 Uses for the GoFindR Tracker

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4 Uses for the GoFindR Tracker

If you thought GPS technology was only good for getting you from point A to B—think again. The GoFindR GPS tracker combines the latest GPS technology with an easy to use app on your smartphone to give you pinpoint accuracy and a variety of other features. The best thing about the GoFindR tracker is its versatility. Whether you want to know where your pet is, keep your car safe, or track your personal health goals, there are so many different ways you can use the GoFindR to make your life easier and safer. Below are four ways to use your GoFindR tracker today.

1. Track Your Pets

The GoFindR for pets is designed to easily attach to your pet’s collar. You can use the GoFindR GPS tracker to locate your pet’s location in real time, know if your pet has escaped your house or yard, and set up temperature and bark alerts. The features of the GoFindR like long battery life and waterproof durability make it ideal for tracking your pets. With the GoFindR app, you can add multiple users and pets so your whole family can stay connected.

2. Use with Your Bike

The GoFindR tracker works great for bike owners. You’ll never have to worry about remembering where you parked your bike or having it stolen while you’re away. The GoFindR tracker easily attaches to your bike, and is equipped to deal with all kinds of weather like rain and snow. With the smartphone app, the GoFindR can tell you when your bike has unexpectedly left a set geofence. You can also track your bike trip with things like miles traveled, altitude traversed, and maximum and average speeds.

3. Know Where Your Car is

Have you ever went to the store and completely forgot where you parked your car when you came out? You won’t have to worry about that ever again with the GoFindR tracker in your car. The GoFindR can instantly and easily tell you the exact location of your vehicle while also giving you alerts for things like attempted theft and broken windows. The GoFindR is also great if you have a teenager who is learning how to drive. The tracker can track the car’s route and speed so you can know if your child is driving safely.

4. Keep Track of the People in Your Life

Whether it’s a child, a grandparent, or a family member, knowing where your loved ones are can be helpful in emergency situations. With the GoFindR you can instantly locate your loved ones’ location in a matter of seconds. With the long battery life and lightweight design, the GoFindR tracker can be easily slipped into your pocket or purse. It’s also a great tool for tracking personal goals like how many miles you have walked or ran while exercising.

Whether you want to make sure your pet is safe at home, track your bike route, find out where you parked, or ensure your family members are okay, the GoFindR GPS tracker is the most comprehensive device on the market. The free and easy to use app works on all mobile devices included iOS, Android, and Windows. The GoFindR tracker makes it easy to instantly locate people and things from the convenience of your pocket.


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    hi Aeriel Merillat, thanks for you awesome information. we can also use tracking devices for other propose too. those 4 uses are also enough to understand about the uses of the tracking devices.

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