5 Things to Do if Your Dog Gets Lost

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5 Things to Do if Your Dog Gets Lost

We don’t like to think about it, but it’s a reality all pet owners should be prepared for. Dogs run away for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because they are bored, scared, or are trying to find a mate. There are certain steps you can take to make finding a lost dog easier. While these five steps below can help you find your pet, investing in a pet GPS chip that can track your dog in real time is the best way to keep your pet safe.

  1. Put out your pet’s favorite food, water, bed, and toys near the place you last saw this. There’s a high possibility that your pet will come back from their adventure, and helping them find their way with the familiar scents of their food and toys can make it easier for them.
  2. Let people know that your pet is missing. Hang up flyers and signs around the area and let your neighbors know to be on the lookout for your pet can increase the likelihood of someone finding them. You can also post information about your missing dog on the internet and encourage people to share it. Don’t forget to include an up to date picture of your dog and the last location they were seen.
  3. Make a call to your local vet, animal shelters, and animal control facility to report your pet missing. This way if any of these places finds your pet, they can get them back to you sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to send them a picture of your dog and give them your contact information so they can reach you if they see or hear anything.
  4. Make sure to let everyone who is helping you search for your pet not to chase them or call them loudly. Even the most sociable and friendly dogs will become scared and timid when they are lost and in the wild. By chasing or shouting at them you run the risk of having them run away from you or hide, only prolonging your search.
  5. Don’t give up hope! It may take hours or days to find your pet, but you should never give up hope. With the support of your community and online resources, you have a good chance of finding your pet. Dogs are often unpredictable, so make sure to look everywhere, even the last places you would expect to find your pet.


1 out of every 3 pets go missing, and only 10 percent of those pets are ever found. Make sure your dog is safe with a GoFindR pet GPS chip. Learn more about how you can get a pet GPS chip for your dog today.

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