7 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

7 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Whether you’re the lucky owner of a cute little puppy or an awesome big dog, you must be knowing that they need love, care and comfort. This is why you must make sure at all times to give your pets the level of care they truly deserve.

Health problems are common in pups since they are prone to infestations, infections and allergies. It can be quite upsetting to see them suffer again and again, not to mention the hefty fees you have to pay the vet on each visit. The solutions we have could possibly put an end to your worries with a simple household ingredient – Apple cider vinegar!

This key ingredient has long been used in history to cure infections and pains. Basically a fermented, acidic form of apple juice, apple cider vinegar with its healing properties can be diluted, or infused with ingredients such as green tea or Himalayan Pink Salt to provide maximal benefit to your pet in a variety of conditions.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

  • A Simple Itching Solution

Have you noticed your dog itching itself frequently, or rubbing its body to random surfaces? What you really need is an effective anti-itching spray.

Do It Yourself:

There’s no need to purchase expensive solutions for the same purpose when we have a simple DIY recipe for you to make at home.

Mix ½ cup apple cider vinegar with ½ cup cooled green tea, then add 1 cup water. Put it in a spray bottle, and use it on your dog. Avoid open wounds because those may burn!

  • Combined with Himalayan Salt – A Natural Solution to Fleas

Here we’ll use another main ingredient along with apple cider vinegar- Himalayan Pink Salt!

What is Himalayan Pink Salt?

One of the most holistic ingredients treasured by man in this world full of artificial additives and synthetic products, Himalayan Pink Salt has many nourishing and beneficial properties, combining the goodness of the 84 different elements it contains. Many dog owners use salt licks for their dogs to fulfill their salt requirement. Know more about Lick Salt for Dogs at Salt Valley.

It hails from ancient sea deposits of the Khewra Salt mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalayan Pink Salt is also an ingredient in many medicated apple cider vinegar shampoos for animals available in the market.

Read on to find out how to get the best anti-flea spray for your pup that will nourish its fur as well as cure its flea allergies.

Do It Yourself:

All you need is 6 ounces of apple cider vinegar, 4 ounces of water, and a pinch (1/4 teaspoon) of Himalayan Pink Salt. Mix it up and spray on your dog’s body including the underbelly, avoiding the eyes and any open wounds.

With this all-natural remedy, you won’t have to worry about fleas anymore! 

  • A Remedy for Clear Ears

Clear away any ear mites or infections with this safe and effective apple cider vinegar remedy for dogs. This is a simple way to treat your dog’s ear problems at home.

Do It Yourself:

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled or purified water. Insert this mixture into a dropper or syringe, and introduce about 10 drops of it into each of your dog’s ears.

Once your dog will shake its head, the gunk will mostly come out. You can then use cotton balls to gently clean the inside of the ears.

  • Cure Your Dog’s UTI

UTI, or Urinary Tract Infection, can be troubling when your dog suffers from it. Symptoms include dripping urine, bloody urine, or pain while urinating. You should suspect UTI, if your trained dog shows any of these symptoms.

Do It Yourself:

Apple cider vinegar could potentially treat your dog’s UTI. The recommended dosage of apple cider vinegar depends on the size and weight of your dog.

Try adding the recommended amount of apple cider vinegar in your dog’s water. If that doesn’t work, mix it with yogurt, peanut butter, or dog food.

For smaller dogs weighing under 30 pounds, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar should suffice. For dogs above 30 pounds, a tablespoon will hopefully do the job.

  • A Cure for Dog Mange

An irritating condition of the skin with hair loss and unsightly scabs, mange can seem like a curse. Luckily for you, there is a home remedy that could treat the symptoms of mange in your pup. All you need is some apple cider vinegar, and you are good to go.

Do It Yourself:

Stand your dog in a tub, sink, or any place with drainage so that making a wet mess is not a problem. You need to do the following ritual daily.

Pour undiluted apple cider vinegar over your dog’s body parts affected by mange. Don’t rinse. Just pat off the excess lightly, and let your pup dry naturally.

  • An Anti-Dandruff Massage

Don’t you just love stroking your dog’s fur? Why not upgrade it a bit by making it dandruff-free?

Apple cider vinegar can help with dandruff problems in dogs. It’s just a simple remedy you can easily practice at home.

Do It Yourself:

After giving your dog a nice, cleansing bath, all you need to do is further pamper it by giving it a massage! However, you must perform the massage with apple cider vinegar in its diluted form to get anti-dandruff benefits.

  • For Sprains and Soreness

Is your pet suffering from muscle pain, sprain, or soreness? This apple cider vinegar remedy could provide your pup the relief it needs.

Do It Yourself:

Try this at home before visiting the vet for medications! Apply a mixture of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to a washcloth. Gently massage the cloth over affected muscles, and continue this practice until the condition improves.

Now that you know 7 main applications of apple cider vinegar for dogs, you can take your pet care duties to the next level. It always pays back when you see them healthy and happy!

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