Become a GoFind Inc Affiliate and Start Earning Today!

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Become a GoFind Inc Affiliate and Start Earning Today!

Give those you know peace of mind with the GoFindR pet tracker. When you become a GoFind Inc affiliate, you can collect commissions on every pet tracker sold and all subsequent monthly service charges. Earn $19.50 for every referred purchase of a pet tracker.

Interested? Keep reading below to learn how simple it is to become a GoFind Inc affiliate today.

3 Easy Steps to Get Paid

1. Sign up and get your referral link

Signing up takes just two minutes and then you’ll get your personal referral link and marketing materials.

2. Share Your Link with Others

Share your link by email, put it on your website, it’s up to you how you spread the word about the GoFindR pet tracker! When people click on your link, we’ll know they were sent to the site by you.

3. Collect Your Commision

When someone makes a purchase within 7 days of clicking on your referral link, you’ll get paid! And you’ll continue to collect a commission every month for as long as the customer pays for service.

Visit our affiliate page to sign up today!

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