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Become a GoFind Inc. Affiliate

Collect commissions on every pet tracker sold and all subsequent monthly service charges.

lost dog tracker

Give those you know peace of mind with the GoFindR pet tracker.

Pet tracking systems


3 Easy Steps to Get Paid

1. Sign up and get your referral link

Signing up takes just two minutes and then you’ll get your personal referral link and marketing materials.

2. Share your link with others

Share your link by email, put it on your website, it’s up to you how you spread the word about the GoFindR pet tracker! When people click on your link, we’ll know they were sent to the site by you.

3. Collect your commission

When someone makes a purchase within 7 days of clicking on your referral link, you’ll get paid! And you’ll continue to collect a commission every month for as long as the customer pays for service.

Earn $19.50 for every referred purchase of a pet tracker.

Know Where Your Pet's Been

Clip our small, lightweight tracking device to your pet's collar and use our app to track your pet's location. App is available on all iOs, Android and Windows devices.

Longest lasting pet tracker ever

With a battery life that lasts up to 10 days of normal use, the GoFindR is the longest lasting pet tracker available today.

The Alerts You Want

Get alerted if your pet is leaves any of the 5 safe areas you set, if your pet is exposed to temperatures lower than 40°F and higher than 95°F, and when the battery drops below 30%.

The Most Accurate Tracking Possible

Nationwide coverage with pinpoint accuracy of ~5 feet, making it the best accuracy allowed for consumer use.

Pet GPS collar

Commission Pricing Details

Pet Tracker Device Commissions

Agent Commission structure and GoFindR pricing

Retail price is $129.99 for the GoFindR pet tracker hardware

Reseller commission is $19.50 per unit.

Note: This is based on a $129.99 retail selling price.



Millennial plan (lifetime subscription) which includes the GoFindR hardware is $299.

Commissions paid on this plan are a total of $39.50 maximum and are paid once the plan is paid for by the user.


Millennial plan if bought separately from the GoFindR hardware is $200.

Commission paid on this plan are a total of $ 20 maximum and are paid once the plan is paid for by the user.

Monthly Service Charge Commissions

Commissions on the monthly service revenue is as follows:

1-99 GoFindR’s sold with monthly revenue plan $0.50 per user per month.

100-249 units sold with monthly revenue plans $0.65 per user per month.

250-499 units sold with monthly revenue plans $0.85 per user per month

500-999 units sold and thereafter with monthly revenue plans $1.00 per user per month.


Monthly service fee is $8.95

One-year plan service fee is $89.95

Two-year service plan fee is $139.00

Initial commission on one or two year plans is paid based on the number of units sold with current customer service plans


Note: Monthly commissions are paid on an annual quarterly basis. As an example, commissions which are due for the first quarter January through March are paid with in 30 days of the end of that quarter.

All warranty repairs and service are handled by GoFind Inc.

Agents must have one working unit with a service contract to demonstrate to perspective customer

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