Comprehensive Guide: CBD Oil for Dogs

Comprehensive Guide: CBD Oil for Dogs

Guest post written by LaBonte

With a higher level of understanding that modern medicine often focuses only on consequences and not causes of illnesses, a lot of people began to look for a solution in different forms of alternative medicine. Additionally, people understood that medicaments offered by classical medicine doctors more often than not contain chemicals that can be harmful.

One of the magical remedies that recently started to gain popularity rapidly is CBD oil. Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.  The most widely know strain of this plant is marijuana, but CBD oil comes in fact from its another less famous cousin – hemp. It is considered a much safer option because, unlike ganja, hemp almost doesn’t contain THC at all.

Since the CBD oil benefits got its real significance, the demand drastically increased, which resulted in President Trump signing a farm bill, which entirely legalized the growth of industrial hemp.

We already know CBD can help us, but some of you asked about the use of CBD oil for dogs.

When our pets are injured or feeling pain or any discomfort, we naturally want to do something to relieve their symptoms. Much like humans, veterinary medicine also relies on drugs that sometimes contain harmful chemicals, and many people would like to avoid those. That’s where CBD oils for dogs come at play as a much safer alternative.

It is essential to know that CBD oil for dogs is perfectly safe. We will now discuss some situations when it can be useful. However, you should still get well-informed and consult your pet’s veterinarian to understand when it is indicated and how to decide on CBD  oil dosage.

Using CBD Oil for Dogs

Before we go to the actual use of CBD oil for dogs, maybe we should mention something about how it works. So basically, dogs the same as humans and other mammals have something called the endocannabinoid system. This is a system of cannabinoid receptors in the body that regulates various processes such as pain, sleep, etc.   While the body produces some cannabinoids, sometimes it needs a little help, and this is where CBD oil plays a part. If you want to learn more about it, you can read at the CBD Origin.

Now when we understand what CBD oil is and how it works, let’s see when to give it to our pups.

Pain Treatment

Same as humans, dogs can, at some point in their lives, develop arthritis. It can happen due to old age, some genetic reasons, or something else, but according to Arthritis Foundation, about 20% of adult dogs, or 1 in 5 will have the condition at some point in their lives. They say that almost 65% of all dogs have a chance to develop the disease after they become 7 years old. This means that more than half of older dogs might see the advantage of using CBD oils for dogs.  Of course, this is not the only reason why dogs might need some pain remedy. They might get injured or get sick from some illnesses that include chronic or acute pain, such as pancreatitis, when it will be essential to know how to use CBD oil for pain.


Some people still have time to grasp it, but the truth is that pets can feel anxious the same we do. There could be plenty of reasons – they can have separation anxiety, some phobias, and can handle stress, depending on how they grew up and other factors as well. Now the texts have been done only on humans so far, but considering the similarities between dog and human endocannabinoid system lot of vets are recommending to use regular CBD oil also for dogs. It is necessary to know how to take CBD oil so you can give it to your furry friends adequately.

Appetite Stimulator

Despite the common idea that all dogs will eat just about anything they see, some are quite picky and have low appetite. If you are worried about your dog, nothing consuming as much, she or he should, and you are sure there isn’t any underlying condition that might cause the problem you can use CBD oil for dogs to improve their appetite.


Seizures are pretty commonly seen problems in dogs. According to various studies such as those conducted by Metropolitan Veterinary Associates indicate that about 1 in 20 dogs can experience some seizure at least once in their lifetime. Studies have shown that CBD oil used for treating epilepsy in children can be super useful in helping with all kinds of dog seizures.

 How to Give CBD to Your Dog

Generally, it should be challenging to administer CBD oil to your dogs because the products come either as a liquid or in the form of treats with flavors they like. The main thing you need to pay attention to if you are giving your dog the oil you are using as well as the CBD oil strength  are the following: 

  •       If your pup likes to eat, you can just put the oil in the spoon, and they will happily lick it
  •       If they don’t want to eat everything you offer just dip treats in the oil, or pour it in the food bowl

With CBD treats, you won’t have any problems whatsoever because there isn’t a dog who doesn’t love at least some of them. It might be the right way to get your dog used to CBD oil for dogs.


Some people are worried about administering CBD oils for dogs because they believe their four-legged friends will get high. Keep in mind that this is not possible because it comes from hemp and contains very low levels of THC that are not sufficient to affect even the smallest dogs. Do you have some other ideas on what can be used to alleviate the pain or other symptoms of diseases? It would be interesting to know the other solutions and share them with our readers.

LaBonte is a journalist living in Seattle and writing for many websites. He is a passionate advocate of CBD oil use for health purposes in both humans and animals, and he has been writing about it for three years. When he has time, LaBonte enjoys traveling and swimming. He is living with a partner and 2 dogs. One of his dogs has a disability and uses a dog wheelchair.

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