What Features to Look for When buying a Pet GPS Chip

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What Features to Look for When buying a Pet GPS Chip

There are a lot of different pet GPS chip options out there for keeping your pet safe, so how do you know which one you should buy? When looking for a pet GPS chip, it’s important that you consider all of the features it comes equipped with. Whether that’s the battery life, the tracking accuracy, or the quality of customer service, every feature has an impact on your experience with your pet GPS chip. Below are a few features you should look for when buying a pet GPS chip to make sure you’re buying the best quality product for you and your pet.

Battery Life

Most pet GPS chips have a battery life ranging anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Making sure that your pet GPS chip has a longer battery life can minimize the amount of times you have to recharge your tracking device. There’s nothing worse than having your pet GPS chip die during an emergency when you’re trying to track your dog. Tracking devices with longer battery lives can use advanced technologies like Away and Night modes to save on battery power and make it last longer.


Since your pet GPS chip is going to be attached to your dog’s collar, that means the device is going to go through all the adventures that your pet does. Whether that means running in the backyard, rolling around in the grass, or chasing balls, you need a durable and waterproof pet GPS chip to keep up with your playful pup. It’s important to make sure that the pet GPS chip you buy is 100 percent waterproof so you don’t have to worry if your pet gets caught in the rain or decides to go for a swim.


Depending on what smartphone or device you have, you will need a pet GPS chip that is compatible with it. Whether your device runs on iOS, Android, or Windows, it’s important that the app your pet GPS chip works with is compatible with your device and is easy to use. You might also want to take into consideration how many users you might want on the same app so your entire family can stay connected and receive alerts on your four-legged family member.


The best pet GPS chips are ones that provide ultimate accuracy so you can track your pet in real-time and within a 5 feet radius. For most pet owners, a pet GPS chip that is able to track your pet both indoors and outdoors is the best option so that you know where your pet is at all times.

SMS & Smart Alerts

A sophisticated pet GPS chip will be able to not only tell you where your dog it, but alert you when they leave a designated geo-fence, send you notifications of the tracker’s temperature, and tell you if your dog is barking and in distress. A pet GPS chip should also be able to immediately give you your pet’s current location in a matter of seconds using state of the art technology delivered directly to your smartphone.

Customer Service

An often overlooked aspect of a pet gps tracker is the company’s customer service. It’s important to be able to get in contact with a representative at the company in case you have any questions, something goes wrong, or you need help with any aspect of your pet GPS chip. Take the time to talk with the customer service representatives at different companies and find one that is both friendly and helpful.

For a pet GPS chip that uses state of the art technology and is equipped with all the features mentioned above, check out the GoFindR GPS pet tracking system here.

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