Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Pet

Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Pet

Even though it’s cold and snowy in most parts of the country right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some quality time with your pet! Winter is a great time to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Below is a list of some winter activities you can do with your pet to encourage healthy exercise and bonding time during the winter months. Just remember that if you have a short-haired dog, make sure they wear a weatherproof coat to protect their skin from the cold and snow when going outside. It’s also important to keep in mind that the ASPCA warns that more dogs get lost during the winter months than any other season. Keeping a watchful eye on your pet while playing outside and investing in a pet GPS collar can help keep you and your dog safe.

Snowball Fetch

Many dogs love being outside and playing fetch. During the winter months, you can play fetch with brightly colored balls that don’t blend in with the snow, or make the game more fun and challenging by using snowballs. Make a soft snowball, don’t pack it too hard, and try throwing it in the air for your dog to catch. They’ll be surprised and excited when they realize the ball is made of snow! This is a great way to get both yourself and your dog outside during the cold months, get some exercise, and beat the winter blues.

Hiking and Snowshoeing

When snow falls, some of the most popular outdoor activities for humans are winter hiking and snowshoeing. If you love being outdoors and doing these activities, try taking your pet with you next time you venture out onto the trails! Dogs love exploring new places and smells, and the snow adds another fun element for them to play with. Check your local trails to see if there are some designated for pets. Make sure that you dress your pet in the appropriate weather gear and bring lots of water for the both of you.

Have Fun Inside

Being out in the cold and snow isn’t for everyone. If either you or your dog don’t enjoy the winter season as much as others, there are still ways you can have fun while staying warm. Try creating an obstacle course in your house to give your dog some exercise. You can use recycled gift boxes, extra cardboard, and furniture to make your obstacle course. Playing games with your pet is another great way to keep them entertained on a snowy afternoon. Things like interactive puzzle toys that dispense treats as your dog plays with them are a great distraction and a way to challenge your pet and keep them sharp.


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