GoFind Announces VoiceR Application for Senior Safety and Companionship

GoFind Announces VoiceR Application for Senior Safety and Companionship

Richardson, TX – (July 3, 2019) – GoFind Inc., a developer of low-cost, portable devices using sensors for GPS positioning, accelerometers, and temperature and pressure measurement for humans, pets and vehicles, has announced the release of VoiceR. A standalone voice assistant app that works with Amazon’s Alexa and, coming soon, Google Smart Speakers, VoiceR offers enhances safety and offers companionship for seniors or other people living without family or caretakers. 

VoiceR is a ‘freemium’ product. Initially the basic, standalone VoiceR is available free of charge. Later on, an enhanced VoiceR will be offered, for a fee, as an accessory for GoFind’s NudgeR®, an AI-enabled Personal Emergency Response System (APERS®), combining IoT capability, voice assistance and true AI learning to keep seniors (and others) independent, safe and active, thus enhancing their aging in place. Registered users of the current VoiceR will be offered early access to the NudgeR product line, should they wish to upgrade.”

Medical and technological advances keep improving the quality of life for seniors who wish to live in their own homes and communities safely, independently, and comfortably. However, one problem for the elderly that has not been addressed sufficiently is the loneliness factor.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, in a study last year conducted by Harvard University, Stanford University and AARP, lack of social contacts among elders cost Medicare $6.7B a year, mostly for nursing facilities and hospitalization for people who don’t have a “helping hand” network. From humanitarian and financial standpoints, more needs to be done to combat elder loneliness.

“One out of 11 Americans aged 50 or older lack a spouse, partner or living child and surveys have shown that Baby Boomers feel alone more than any other generation. Loneliness takes a physical toll and is linked to earlier mortality, increased depression, cognitive decline and earlier dementia,” said Ron Kasper, GoFind CEO and co-founder. “VoiceR, a standalone application for the Amazon Echo that works with the inexpensive Echo Dot, is available 24/7 and does not require the senior to have or use a phone. Seniors can use VoiceR whether or not a caregiver or family member is available.”

Similar to the adoption of smartphones by the older generation, aging in place seniors can be conditioned to interact with a voice assistant like Echo Dot on a daily basis. VoiceR provides a means to accomplish this, thus enhancing a senior’s lifestyle and helping to mitigate the problems of loneliness. The benefit to the senior community is that GoFind can validate senior sign-up and elderly-user voice-assisted daily activity before integrating VoiceR into the NudgeR product roadmap.

About VoiceR

The standalone initial, no-charge VoiceR app combines existing Amazon Alexa Skills in a GoFind Skill Wrapper. The combination provides a senior or other user with verbal reminders, appointments, news and weather, quizzes (to hone mental skills) and daily voice memos. VoiceR features include:

Voice activated SOS capability

Alerts a list of caregivers of a safety issue for the senior.

Physical Daily Reminders and Rewards

Contributes to the physical well-being and comfort of the senior. Examples of such reminders are, “Did you remember to walk the dog?” and “Have you taken your medications this morning?”

Daily Weather and News Updates

Contributes to the mental well-being of the senior

Find out more about VoiceR at www.voicer.life

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