The features that you want without all the clutter.

The GoFindR GPS tracking app provides you with all the features you want and need without any unnecessary clutter.  LocateNow functionality, location history, and an AWAY function – which disables tracking when you want to save power.

Also included are an unlimited geofences. You have a default fence that’s generally used around the home (although it can be moved and reset). Other geofences can be used if you are away from home.  The vehicle and bike trackers also have the automatic geofence which is set up whenever you stop and move away from the vehicle.

Not only a tracker, but a manager

Use the Manager to keep track of your pet’s vital statistics, schedule vaccines and reminders, keep up to date on his medications.  Use it for your bike or vehicle’s critical information, loan or lease amortization, maintenance schedules and more.  Each manager has vital links such as nearby vets, nearby gas stations or vehicle repair locations, so you are never stuck in an emergency.

Get details about your trip

View the trip logging screens to get data about vehicle or bike trips you have taken.  Get data about your walk or run.  Track distance traveled, maximum and average speeds, altitude traversed, and more.