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Introducing the New GoFindR logo 398x117 Car Tracker

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New GoFindR logo 398x117

Easy to Use

GoFindR is easy to use. It comes with many preset and ready to work out of the box. Easy to use menus to customize your tracker.

Teach your Teen Safe Driving

Know where you teen is. How fast were they driving? Use the GoFindR trip info to teach your teen about safe driving.

Long Battery Life

With it's long lasting battery and unique power saving features, your GoFindR will last 5-7 days before needing a recharge. Operates standalone or with a USB/cigarette lighter adapter.

Tracking Options

The smartphone app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphone. There's even a web tracking feature available.

Timely Alerts

GoFindR issues alerts for Geofences, Overspeed, Low Battery, Attempted theft, and broken windows. There's even an alert if someone powers it off or disconnects it.

Locate Now

When you want to know immediately where someone is, the locate now button overrides any power saving features and instantly returns a location.

Multiple Tracker Discount

Have more than one car you want to track? Save money with our multiple tracker discounts.


Just like the GoFindR, our warranty is state of the art - 2 years full replacement. Our 30-day full refund guarantee coupled with the 30-day free service plan means if you are not satisfied, it costs you absolutely nothing!

Hack Proof

Because it is not directly connected to the vehicle OBD port, your vehicle cannot be hacked via the GoFindR. You can hide the GoFindR in a glove box, console, or side pocket.

Works on iOS, Android and Windows phones