Pet Tracking System | Pet GPS Collar | GoFind, Inc.
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Pet tracking systems

They're part of your family.

Don't lose your best friend

1 in 3 pets go missing – only 10% are ever found.


Pet Tracking System For Your Mobile Phone

Pet GPS collar
Lightweight and Comfortable

GoFindR® Pet trackers are designed to be the lightest weight possible for maximum comfort and attaches to a standard 1`` pet collar.

Multiple App Users

Up to 5 app users per tracker and multiple pets. The whole family can receive alerts and stay connected to your four legged family member.

Reliable & Accurate

Our GPS chip for dogs has the best accuracy allowed for consumer use! GPS tracking with pinpoint accuracy -within 5 feet. Even works indoors!

Long Battery Life

Your GoFindR® pet tracking system utilizes our advanced power saving technology such as our AWAY and Night modes to provide a long lasting battery and to maximize the time between recharges.

Escape Alerts

SMS Text Alerts. When your pet leaves the safe zone, you’ll be alerted so that you can track where he goes. You'll also be alerted if he returns to the safe zone.

Temperature and Barking Alerts

Our lost dog tracker sends both a high temperature and low temperature alert to warn you if your pet is in distress. It also sends out an alert if your dog barks too long. Excessive barking could mean your dog is in trouble or something unusual is happening.

Waterproof and Durable

GoFindR® Pet Trackers are waterproof and made to last. Made of the finest materials with state of the art technology and design. You should never need to replace it. Waterproof, not just water resistant. No worries if it is raining or your pet decides to go swimming.

Locate NOW

Find your pet's immediate position. Taking your pet for a walk? The GoFindR AWAY setting can halt tracking for up to 2 hours, saving battery power.

Multiple Geofences

Use one for home and another for when you travel. Nationwide cellular and GPS coverage.

GoFindR® Attaches to your pet’s favorite collar and contains our pet GPS tracker chip!

The gofindr-logo-trademarked-png APP

iOS – 7.1 and above

Android 4.1 and above

Windows Phone 8.1 and above

Your 1st 30 days are FREE no matter which service plan you choose!

  • Monthly Plan

  • $8.95/Mo *
    • First 30 days FREE
    • 24/7 tracking via Smartphone app or Web Tracker
    • Full customer support
    • Billed Monthly to your credit card
    • Combined with the free 30-days you get the first 2 months for the price of one.

  • Annual Plan

  • $89.95/Yr *
    • First 30 days FREE
    • 24/7 tracking via Smartphone app or Web Tracker
    • Full customer support
    • Billed annually to your credit card
    • With your annual savings, plus the free 30 days, you’re getting 15 months for the price of 12

  • 2 Year Plan

  • $139/2yr *
    • First 30 days FREE
    • 24/7 tracking via Smartphone app or Web Tracker
    • Full customer support
    • Billed every 2 years
    • Save 25% over our annual plan.  The effective monthly rate is $5.79 a great savings!

Best Value
  • Millennial Plan

  • $200/LIFETIME
    • If purchased separate from the GoFindR Tracker purchase
    • $299.99 if purchased with the GoFindR Tracker.

* All plans are limited to 100 SMS text messages per month.

Overage charge is 3 cents (.03) per SMS text message.