What are GPS Chips for Dogs and How Do They Work?

gps chips for dogs

What are GPS Chips for Dogs and How Do They Work?

GPS chips for dogs are some of the most common pet tracking systems available on the market today. They are effective, long lasting, and affordable, making them a great option for everyone to keep their pets safe. Below we break down what GPS chips for dogs are, how they work, and how you can get one for your furry friend.

What GPS Chips for Dogs Are Not

Many people think that GPS chips for dogs are the same thing as microchips. Microchips are minuscule pieces of technology that are implanted underneath your dog’s skin by a trained veterinarian. Microchips do not work the same as GPS technology, and they do not tell you where your dog is located. Instead, microchips use radio-frequency identification or RFID to link your pup with your contact information, giving them an ID in a database.

In the event that your dog goes missing and is found by someone, they can be taken to a vet clinic or animal shelter to be scanned. Once they are scanned with a special microchip scanner their ID will show up in the database and you will be contacted. The problem with microchips is that since they are not GPS chips for dogs, they only work if your dog is found by someone else and then taken to a vet or shelter. GPS chips for dogs on the other hand put the owner in control of their pet’s whereabouts by allowing them to track the location of their pet from their smartphone in real time.

How GPS Chips for Dogs Work

GPS chips for dogs work by transmitting signals from satellites that are orbiting the earth. Much like any other type of GPS technology that you might use such as the GPS in your car or on your phone, GPS chips for dogs allow you to find the location of your pet instantly and accurately. Most GPS chips for dogs are sold as lightweight and durable devices that can easily attach to your pet’s existing collar. All you have to do is download an app on your smartphone, connect it to your GPS chip, and you’ll be able to track your pet from wherever you are.

The GoFindR GPS Pet Collar

The GoFindR pet collar is a great example of GPS chips for dogs. It is a reliable device that attaches to your dog’s collar and is equipped with nationwide cellular and GPS coverage, meaning you can track your dog anywhere, anytime. With an easy to use app on your smartphone, you can set multiple geofences and be instantly alerted when your pet leaves a designated area. The GoFindR also comes equipped with other features including the ability to track your pet’s temperature, barking activity, and a log of their medical information.

GPS chips for dogs are a great way to make sure your dog stays safe and prevent them from getting lost. To learn more about GPS chips for dogs and the GoFindR pet collar, visit our website today

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