Guest Post—How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Guest Post—How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Introduce your dog to your baby?

Dogs are very loyal to their owner but other than this they are really fond of having attention and being loved. Well if in such a case any factor can let the owner share his love with another one then this becomes a factor of jealousy for the dog. Dogs are animals but even then they have a jealousy factor which can’t let them bear the ignorance by their loved ones. Whenever a baby enters the family as n new member, it is just obvious to become the center of attention. These cases let the dog feel bad and seeing the newly born baby with a different smell which just moves at a particular place can make him feel different for the little new creature. So you must make sure to introduce the newly born baby to the dog so the dog will never think to harm the baby.

Well, the newly born baby with the different smell, sound and just move like nothing living can make the dog a little bit confusing. Dealing with a new person which has taken all the kindness and attention of the owner to itself. Even a human can feel jealous, so it is obvious to feel bad in such condition to be ignored by the one who always looks after you, and a sudden change in his behavior can make the dog do something irrelevant with the baby. Well if one should take in consideration the right steps then all these unwanted things can be avoided. Looking after the things to manage the bond between the new creature and the old four-legged siblings must be started from the very first week of the homecoming of the infant.

Moreover, you should start preparing your dog before the arrival of the dog in the world so it will never think to harm the infant. Preparing your dog with all the obedience includes some basic knowledge and some obedience class so that he can understand your commands like sit, jump and many other things. The dog should be very active so that it will immediately reply when you recall him. The obedience class of the dog includes some of the common steps you need to follow anyhow to ensure the safety of your baby.

Must make gradual changes to your dog’s routine

Some of the very basic routines of the dog include the fixed place for the dog to sit and sleep so it will not feel ignored when the new baby arrives. Also, you must do all the setting in such a way that the dog will associate its changes with the infant. Other than these, baby’s routine also is fixed before its welcome in the world like feeding, rocking, walking etc. All these small things will let the birth of affection between the dog and the baby.

Amount of love and attention must be reduced towards the dog before the arrival of the baby

It is just obvious to be felt bad by anyone as a sudden change in the behavior of your loved ones. So in order to reduce the risk of such entities all you have to do is to reduce the time you spend with the dog in a slow manner so that it will not get heart later on. If you do not want to lavish your dog at the very last minute then you have to go through it just to stop being hated by your own dog during the welcome of your infant.

Make the dog familiar with the infant’s body smell

Well to introduce the dog with the newly born baby you have to bring the articles like baby’s lotion and oil and other such elements to make the dog familiar with the smell of the baby. Once the dog gets habitual of its smell then he will never try to harm the baby.

When you arrive home with a newly born baby then make sure that you will greet with the dog personally so that it will not jump on getting excited as such happening can make your baby feel frightened. Newly born baby is really sensitive to touch and cure. The dog must be very gentle with the baby so that it will never try to harm the baby in any manner. Doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is but never leave your baby with the dog alone as they baby is really sensitive and even a small scratch can cause a severe injury to the baby. It is not so that the dog will try to harm but sometimes an unwanted injury can be caused by the dog unknowingly.

Before introducing your dog with the baby in close proximity you must make sure to have the dog habitual with the baby’s smell. Praising the dog while he sniffs the baby can prevent bites and make a good interaction between the dog and the baby. Even baby will get habitual and friendly with the dog and stop getting frightened by the dog’s behavior like licking and sniffing.

Give the dog a plenty of preference when you are with your baby

Giving a little preference to the dog even in the preference of the baby let him interact with the baby in a good manner and avoid him to think about all the good things happen only in the absence of him. Moreover, you should always between the dog and the baby whenever they are together or try to sniff the baby.

Avoid shouting dog on touching the baby’s toys

As you never wanted your baby to get in touch with the negative elements so simply replace the infant’s toys with the toys of the dog. Well as the babies change very quickly so it becomes a little bit difficult for the dog to understand the adapt the changes. Other than baby you must also consider giving the private zone to the dog where the baby should not be allowed to enter or invade.

Guest post written by Morgan Antoinette, check out more of her writing here.

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  • Dan Labonte
    Posted at 20:10h, 25 February Reply

    Interesting post thank you. I don’t have a new baby but I am a professional breeder who donates labrador retriever puppies to veterans to be trained as PTSD service dogs. and I appreciate your information.

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