How a Pet GPS Chip Works

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How a Pet GPS Chip Works

Whether you already own a pet GPS collar or are thinking of buying one in the near future, you may find yourself asking “How in the world do these things work?” Below we’re going to break down the simple, yet powerful, technology behind pet GPS chips and the pet GPS collar so you can have a better understanding of the device that’s keeping your pet safe.

Pet GPS chips attach to your pet’s collar and allow you to track your pet via your smartphone. Often confused with microchips, which are inserted under your pet’s skin and scanned with a special device, pet GPS chips are worn on your pet’s existing collar. The lightweight device needs to be charged every so often and often holds a battery life of anywhere from 4-8 hours. There is a GPS chip located inside of the device that, once attached to your pet’s collar, sends signals to the app on your smartphone telling you your dog’s exact location in real-time. By using advanced satellite technology, pet GPS chip collars can give you your dog’s location within five feet.

Different types of Pet GPS Collars

  • Cellular trackers
  • Radio trackers
  • Bluetooth trackers
  • GPS trackers


Things to look for in a Pet GPS Chip Collar

  • Positional accuracy
  • Frequency of positional updates
  • Waterproofness
  • Size and weight
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple users and pets allowed
  • Affordability
  • Other useful features (activity tracker, location history)


Now that you know how a pet GPS chip actually works, you can see how it’s simple yet powerful technology is essential in helping keep your pet safe. Visit our website to learn more about pet GPS chips and buy your own pet GPS collar today.

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