How GPS Technology Can Improve the Lives of People with Dementia

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How GPS Technology Can Improve the Lives of People with Dementia

As the elderly population is growing, it’s important for family members to start considering the best ways to take care of their loved ones as they age. Around 50 million elderly people across the globe struggle with dementia. Dementia is a serious issue that affects the elderly population and can have an impact on their quality of life. With the advent of new and improved GPS technology and personal GPS trackers, the tech world is making the lives of the elderly and people with dementia easier and safer.

Taking Care of Elderly Family Members

Family members taking care of their elderly loved ones, especially those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, often find themselves concerned with their loved one’s safety. People with dementia can often put themselves in harmful situations and can easily get lost and confused. Here are just a few of the safety concerns that affect people with dementia:

  • Going out and getting lost
  • Wandering about aimlessly
  • Confusion about where they are
  • Forgetting to take medication
  • Forgetting to eat or engage in self-care


This need of having someone watch over elderly family members 24/7 can drive a lot of families to put their loved ones in assisted living facilities. With wearable GPS technology, someone can watch over dementia patients while still allowing them to live independently and maintain a high quality of life.

Using GPS Technology to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Personal GPS tracking technology utilizes thousands of satellites to instantly and accurately pinpoint the location of your loved one. Most personal GPS trackers like the GoFindR, work with an app on your smartphone so you can track the location of your loved one in real time. A personal GPS tracker allows you to set a geofence around a family member’s home or other location and immediately alerts you when they unexpectedly leave that set geofence. With today’s modern GPS technology, personal trackers are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Future of GPS Tracking Devices

As technology only advances further and new innovations are made, the future of personal GPS tracking devices is bright. New inventions that can help improve the lives of patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s like medical technology that can dispense medication and monitor vitals is already beginning to appear. Home automation combined with GPS technology is a growing market as developers are looking for more ways to improve the lives of the elderly population. GPS personal trackers are only the beginning of this growing tech trend.

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