How to Keep an Aging Dog Comfortable at Home

How to Keep an Aging Dog Comfortable at Home

When it comes to an aging dog, owners tend to feel helpless. It’s hard to read a pet’s mind and mood, so you may never know if they are in pain or unhappy. Dogs can face many handicaps and elderly disabilities as they age but you should not feel helpless. Helping dogs feel comfortable is similar to helping humans – you just need to think about their way of life. There are ways that you can make your home more comfortable for your pet, here’s how!

Think about their vision

It’s no secret that your dog’s vision may be the first thing to go once they start to age. This means that your dog may often bump into things or not be comfortable in your home at night. There are three tips to solve this. First, rearrange your furniture and clear paths that may be a hazard to your dog. You can rearrange your furniture to be more open and move things out of pathways that can be placed elsewhere. Secondly, if you still find your pet running into things, you can soften edges with baby-proofing materials or even pool noodles to corners. You don’t want your dog’s fragile skin to be bruised! Thirdly, keep your dog’s favorite areas lit, if possible. It is nice for your dog to be able to see their food and water bowls at all times.

Make sure they’re not cold

Dogs are more likely to lose hair as they age, which makes them become cold easier. It’s important for you to keep your home at a reasonable temperature if you want your pup to be comfortable. In addition, you can buy them warm accessories like jackets and booties if they are going on walks. For bedtime, getting a furry bed or blanket can help your pup stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Keep a safe and functional home

A safe and functioning home for you is a safe and functioning home for your pets. Keep up with your home’s health by repairing any hazards that could be dangerous for your dog, such as open electrical wires or a leaking dishwasher. If there is extra debris around your home from a project or if there is something that may break and harm your pet’s welfare- getting this fixed will be a start to looking out for your elderly pet.

Try dog therapy

Canine therapy, of course, is another great way to make sure your pet is at peace. Therapy for dogs is a spiritual way for dogs to gain peace and reduce the stress that you cannot fix. Canine therapy allows for a deeper comfortable setting for your pet beyond what you can do in the home. Therapy can be used for pets that are suffering, aging or completely healthy.

Consider your pup’s ease of access to necessities

Allowing your dog to have easier access to their normal activities is another way to ensure comfort within day-to-day activities. For example, moving food and water bowls on a stepstool or ledge can help ease tension in your dog’s neck. An elevated eating space prevents your dog from straining its neck every time it needs to drink or eat.

Bring your dog to the groomer

Have you ever been sick, then taken a shower or bath and felt immediately better? Dogs can feel this too. Keep up with your dog’s grooming to help them feel their best. It may sound silly, but it is a psychological thing for your dog. In addition, if you do not upkeep with your pet’s nail length, it can be painful for them. You can create a DIY grooming station for your pet in your home, like your garage or even your own bathroom. Allowing your pet to be groomed in the comfort of their own home is a great way to procure this activity with ease.


You know your dog better than anyone. Use your best judgment when it comes to shaping your home and meeting their needs as they age.

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