How To Treat Joint Pain In Pets With Diet

How To Treat Joint Pain In Pets With Diet

Arthritis and joint pain in pets is on the rise. Older dogs are more prone to painful joint pain. However, this chronic painful condition can affect your pal at any age. Dogs experience varying degrees of soreness, and pain in different joints. If your dog isn’t active, has stopped running around and jumping on to your lap like they used to, there are chances that your dog is suffering from this painful condition. Cold weather can make their condition more worsen. Joint pain gets more painful as time passes. Sometimes, it is also irreversible. However, it can be treated with certain dietary or supplementary changes.

It is important that you follow a good nutritious diet for your dog as food and supplements act as natural remedies for treating arthritis pain. In severe conditions, along with proper foods and supplements, you can treat your pets with pet bounce. Pet bounce for dogs is a natural joint pain relief for dogs. It helps in providing fast relief from joint pain.

A dog in pain may be restless.  Following are some of the natural foods and supplements that work as remedies for the dog and can help your dog live comfortably and pain-free.

  • Papaya

Papaya has antioxidant properties that prevent cell damage. However, fruits are not a part of the dog’s diet and too much of the fruit’s sugar can even upset their digestion. Also, don’t add papaya or any other food to your fruit to the diet if your dog is diabetic.

  • Alfalfa

The herb alfalfa is very effective and benefits dogs in various ways. It supports digestion, prevents cancer and helps in managing arthritis symptoms. You can either sprinkle dried alfalfa over your dog’s food or this supplement also comes in the form of the powder and capsule. Consult the doctor for recommendations about the dosage of the same.

  • Celery

Celery stimulates urine production. It is an anti-inflammatory and is low in fats and cholesterol. Only small quantities of celery dogs are safe for the dogs. Always remove the celery leave before feeding your dog.

  • Ginger

A little bit of ginger is very beneficial for the dogs. Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces pain. Ginger could offer some relief. However, avoid ginger, if they are pregnant or have anemia as ginger will further thin the blood.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a powerful antioxidant which helps fight cell damage. They are high in dietary fiber and low in fats. Sweet potatoes are also great for digestive health and promote healthy skin and muscles in the dogs.

If it is a severe condition or your dog is not responding to any other treatment, then you must consult the veterinarian for pain-relieving medications. You can consider using Pet bounce for dogs to help your dog live a comfortable life. This is so far the best as it is a natural joint pain relief for dogs. It is a homeopathic medication and helps in alleviating pain, reduces swelling and contributes to overall joint health.

Guest Author—Kathreen Miller is a pet health expert at Petbouncedirect natural pain relief for dogs. She lives in Chicago with her daughter and a dog named “Buddy”.  She regularly contributes her write-ups to pet health-related websites and blogs. In her free time, she loves listening to music, watching TV and traveling.

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