How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Active This Winter

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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Active This Winter

As the cold air only gets colder, it can become more difficult to keep your pets healthy and active. Normal warm weather activities like running around outside or going to the dog park are suddenly impossible under three feet of snow. And the chilly winds and frost pose their own set of problems to your dog’s health. But if you take the proper precautions, keeping your dog healthy and active during the winter months is easy. Below are a few ways you can make sure your pet is getting enough exercise and staying warm all winter long.

Take a Stroll Outdoors

While you may be tempted to skip your pet’s daily walk when the temperatures drop, you can both still enjoy a stroll outdoors during winter. As long as the cold temperatures aren’t arctic levels, your pup is able to handle the winter weather for the duration of a short walk. Just remember that things like sidewalks treated with salt or chemicals can pose a threat to your dog’s health. Try putting boots on your pet to protect their feet and make sure that they aren’t licking or eating the snow on the sidewalk.

Practice New Dog Tricks Indoors

If it’s just too cold or snowy to even think about going outside, you can still give your pet the exercise and mental stimulation they need indoors. When you’re both stuck inside on a snowy day, try practicing new tricks with your pup. Whether it’s teaching them how to sit, beg, or give you a high five, your dog will surprise you with how quickly they can learn a new trick. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your pet and show off their newfound talent to all your friends.

Create Your Own Canine Obstacle Course

Another great way to get your pet some exercise while stuck indoors is to create your own obstacle course in your living room. You can use household items like paper plates, cups, or cones if you have them to create a path for your pet to weave in and out of. Things like chairs and step stools can be used as jumping off points. Stairs are also a great way to incorporate exercise if you have them. Just be sure to put you and your pup’s safety first when creating your obstacle course.

Take Precautions to Protect Your Pup’s Paws

Whether you’re taking your pet for a walk or just letting them wander around in the yard, it’s important to take precautions to protect their paws. Winter weather can be harsh on your pup’s feet, but items like booties can help prevent injuries to sensitive paws. Invest in a pair of waterproof booties that come with enough traction on the bottom to prevent your pet from sliding on ice and hurting themselves. It’s also a good idea to do a paw inspection each time your dog goes outdoors. Dipping their paws in a bowl of warm water is a great way to get rid of any ice or snow lodged in between their toes while washing away harmful chemicals and salts.

Turn on the Humidifier

Just like humans, dogs especially ones with respiratory problems can be affected by the dry winter air. Keeping a humidifier close to where your pet sleeps is a great way to soothe their symptoms of chronic coughs or bronchitis that can be worsened by the dry winter air outside and from heaters. When pets can breathe easier, they are more likely to be active and be able to enjoy the snow with you.

No matter the weather, it’s important to keep your pet healthy and active even during the winter months. With the right precautions and safety measures, it’s easy to give your pet the exercise they need while keeping them warm and happy.

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