How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Calm During New Years Eve

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How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Calm During New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is a night full of fun celebrations and festivities, but not for your pet. Much like the Fourth of July, with New Year’s Eve comes fireworks, loud noises, and crowds of people, all of which can cause anxiety in your pet. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe and calm so you both can enjoy ringing in the New Year together. Check out our tips for calming your pet below.

Give Your Pet a Safe Space

For some pets, one of the most comforting things you can do is give them a safe space where they can be comfortable and secure throughout the night. This could be anything from a special area you set up in your house or bedroom to a crate filled with their favorite pillows and toys. If you’re planning on putting your pet in a crate, make sure that they are used to and comfortable with being confined in it. If your pet has never been in a crate before, putting them in one may only increase their anxiety and caused them to be more stressed out.

Use Noise to Distract Your Pet

One of the simplest ways you can keep your pets calm during the night is by distracting them with positive noise. Plug in your boombox and hit play on soft, calming music like classical songs or white noise tracks. Turn the volume up loud enough that it will drown out any noise of the party or crowd going on, but not too loud that it’s uncomfortable for your pet.

Try Natural Calming Therapies

Lavender oil is a great natural method that has been proven to reduce anxiety in pets, especially dogs. Make sure you get an all natural, therapy grade lavender essential oil. You can try diluting it and putting a few drops on your pet’s skin, diffusing it, or spraying it around their blanket and bed. There are also tablets for your pet to chew like ProQuiet that provide a natural and healthy way to reduce their anxiety.

Give Your Pet Some Exercise Beforehand

During the day before your big New Year’s party, try giving your pet some much-needed exercise. Whether you take them out for a walk, throw a ball around, or have them chase a feather toy, exercising your pet before New Years can help reduce their anxiety and stress levels. By the time night rolls around, hopefully your furry friend will be too tired to pay much attention to the noises or crowds.

Keep Your Pet Company

One of the most important ways you can help keep your pet safe and calm during New Years Eve is by staying by their side. If you can’t be with them all night long, make sure you check on them periodically and give them the comfort and love they need. Spending some quality time with your pet, cuddling them, and letting them know you’re there for them is a great way to help reduce anxiety and stress levels that can come from loud noises and throngs of people.

No matter how you plan to ring in the New Years this year, it’s easy to make sure both you and your pet have a safe and fun time. With these tips for keeping your pet safe and calm during the festivities, you can drastically reduce their stress and anxiety levels throughout the night.


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