Keeping Fit Never Gets Old

Keeping Fit Never Gets Old

Jim Lipman

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I read an article the other day that reminded me of something of which we all should be aware –staying in shape is a lifelong activity. The name of the article is, “It’s Not ‘Fat Shaming,’ It’s Physics,” found at

The author makes the very valid point that many seniors have more falls not just because of physical limitations but because they are just out of shape and weak (his words). Certain medications, such as those used for sedation, and increasing obesity among the elderly are also contributing factors. Some seniors cannot take part in fitness-related activities but there are also many who don’t make the choice to do so.

If you are able to, engage in physical fitness activities that are compatible with your age and health. Do so with others, either with friends or family members, or as part of organized activities in local senior centers. One of my personal passions is dancing – a fun social activity that is an excellent way to help keep in shape.

If you are thinking about purchasing a medical alert device that can contact caregivers and others in case of a medical or other emergency, such as a fall, choose one that can monitor your activity level and can send you reminders regarding upcoming activity classes or appointments. Some devices can also alert caregivers if there is a sudden drop-off in your daily mobility level.

The bottom line is that staying in shape should be a goal for a person of any age (if physically possible). You will feel and look better and you lessen the chances of a debilitating fall, a fear that almost all seniors have.

Here’s to your health!

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