NudgeR Crowdfunder Press Release

NudgeR Crowdfunder Press Release

GoFind Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Development of the First Artificial Intelligence implementation of a Personal Emergency Response System


Richardson, TX – (September 6, 2018) – GoFind Inc., a developer of GPS trackers for pets, humans and vehicles, has announced its crowdfunding campaign is now open on CrowdFunder ( The Company is currently developing an advanced Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) device that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to expand the capabilities of these devices. The device is called NudgeR™ and is presently in the early stages of design.

“Our research has shown that, for seniors to gracefully age in place, a PERS device must satisfy three basic needs – physical, mental stimulation and social interaction.” said Tony Valentino, GoFind COO. “Traditional PERS devices offered by GoFind’s competitors, such as Lifeline or Medical Alert, only provide a subset of the physical need and do not address either the mental or the social needs. The system we are developing, on the other hand, addresses all three by combining the rapid advances in IoT devices (Internet of Things), Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Home, Home Pod-Siri), and AI to form a more comprehensive solution.”

There are a number of technical challenges associated with NudgeR development. From a hardware standpoint, the challenges are manageable. GoFind is a company which specializes in GPS location platforms and much of the hardware technology and sensors already used in the Company’s pet tracking devices are directly applicable to the NudgeR device. The challenges come with the integration of the Voice system and the AI components of the system. As such, GoFind is in the process of seeking funding for this development.

NudgeR Features

To address the physical need NudgeR provides:

  • An advanced version of a fall detector combining fall detection with Geolocation, so that responders know more accurately where the person has fallen
  • Well-being checks to determine if the person has truly fallen or is incapacitated before sending out an emergency call for help, thus reducing false alarms
  • Geolocation to help warn and track a senior that has a wandering problem. This is coupled with the AI system to determine if leaving the home is part of normal activity or is abnormal behavior requiring an alert
  • Activity detection to monitor the sedentary behavior of Seniors and prompting them to move around even if only for short distances

For mental needs, NudgeR can:

  • Issue medication and appointment reminders
  • Provide prompts at mealtimes to either prepare a meal or order in
  • Call a service such as Uber or Lyft for the driving impaired
  • Provide a reward for solving puzzles or answering basic questions (for example, what’s the capital of Nebraska?). Completion of these tasks would yield such things as digital coupons or a free downloadable eBook or movie.


NudgeR also ensures interactivity between the Senior and Caregiver (oftentimes a child of the senior) to help address the social need. This makes extensive use of the Voice system.

  • Alerts are given in the Caregiver’s voice (not an AI voice)
  • Wake up calls in the Caregiver’s voice (Hi Mom, it’s 9am, time to get up. Take your morning medications and then check with me about your appointments for today.)
  • Special recorded messages (Hi Mom, Happy Birthday. I’ll call you later in the day and then come by around 5 so we can have your birthday dinner)

This is particularly important today, as many times families are geographically separated and the senior can feel isolated and alone. The goal is for the senior to form a bond with the system as an extension of the family or circle of friends.

Ultimately the NudgeR system is designed to help the senior age gracefully in place and to help reduce the cost and time associated with in-home caregiver visits and to postpone the need for assisted living arrangements.

About GoFind

GoFind Inc. has been in business for over three years and has successfully launched a GPS tracker system for the pet market. This platform was developed utilizing a 3G network supported by AT&T.

When starting GoFind, the founders realized that there were about seven-to-eight vertical markets for low-cost, highly efficient personal GPS tracking systems. One market that presents a significant opportunity is the PERS (also referred to as Medical Alert) market place. This is the personal emergency response system for elderly and otherwise physically or mentally impaired people. NudgeR is the first APERS (Artificial Intelligence Personal Emergency Response System) and is currently under development by GoFind.

GoFind’s minimum revenue goal is $100 Million by Year Five. Our fast-forward plan calls for over $250M in the same time frame.


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