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NudgeR® in a Nutshell

NudgeR® – first artificial intelligence implementation of a Personal Emergency Response System (APERS®).

A Marriage of IoT, Voice, and Artificial Intelligence


Why a Personal Emergency Response (PERS) Device?


“Anyone who is at risk of falling or having a medical emergency” needs PERS — Consumer Reports

50% of the seniors aged 80 & 35% of the seniors aged 65 fall every year.

“One of the biggest concerns of caregivers who tend to people with cognitive problems is how to prevent wandering. You may not live with the loved one, so you may need a tracking service that will alert you when he has left his home unattended.” — WebMD


The Caregiver Crunch

  • Geriatric Nurses (paid Caregivers) are in short supply – approximately 1 for every 2000 seniors needing care.
  • Eighty-three percent of the help provided to older adults in the United States comes from family members, friends or other unpaid caregivers.
  • Unpaid Caregivers are often “sandwiched” caring for both elderly parents as well as their own children.

The 3 N’s for Seniors

Need for Physical Activity

  • Physical activity to maintain their health.
  • Walking or light physical activity keeps them fit.
  • Wards off boredom and gives purpose to their day.

Need for Mental Activity

  • Mental stimulation keeps the mind sharp
  • Gives purpose to their waking hours
  • Prevents the “I am too old” syndrome

Need for Social Engagement

  • Many seniors live alone
  • Lack of social engagement can lead to depression
  • Necessary to support the physical and mental needs of seniors

The solution beyond PERS.

User ActivityNudgeR™ Benefits
Family socializationFamily messages from caregivers sent daily through the GoFind cloud
Mental stimulationAutomatic wake up calls with the caregiver’s voice. Access to books, movies, news, music, weather. Alerts for medicine and appointments.
Physical activityAutomatic prompts to get up and move.
Home conveniencePre-programed settings for lighting and temperature control. Home entertainment and home security system interaction.
Safety and securityAutomatic emergency response for falls with location data. GPS tracking.
MobilityLyft/Uber pre-set pickups, with GPS used for return location.
Activities of daily livingOnline delivery services for food, meds, gifts.

And More

NudgeR® for Mom or Dad


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