Pet GPS Chips Aren’t Just for Tracking Your Pet’s Location

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Pet GPS Chips Aren’t Just for Tracking Your Pet’s Location

Pet GPS chips are small, lightweight devices that attach to your pet’s collar and tell you their location via an app on your smartphone. While pet GPS chips’ original purpose was to help you keep tabs on where your pet is, these powerful devices have evolved into much more than that. Pet GPS chips can be used to track your pet’s activity levels, health, and even how much they’re barking. Read below for ways you can use your pet GPS chip that isn’t just for tracking your pet’s location.

Escape Notifications

You already know that a pet GPS chip allows you to track your pet’s location in real-time, but did you know that it can alert you the exact moment they’ve escaped? By setting a specific GeoFence, or a specific radius around a location such as your home, the pet GPS chip app will notify you via SMS text message if your pet leaves that GeoFence. That way you can know the instance that your pet escapes instead of having to track them manually all the time. The great thing about GeoFences is that you can set multiple of them in different locations if you’re pet is moving around a lot or you’re traveling.

Barking & Temperature Alerts

The pet GPS chip can also track how much your pet is barking as well as their body temperature. This feature is important for letting you know the status of the well-being of your pet. If you can see that your pet is at home but they are barking more than usual, you can assume anything from the mailman is at the house delivering a package to someone is trying to break in. And by tracking your pet’s temperature, you can tell whether they are getting too hot or too cold and warning you if they are in distress or in need of medical attention.

Health Tracking

In addition to real-time tracking, pet GPS chips allow you to store vital information about your pets including their vaccine records and their upcoming vet appointments. Instead of getting confused or losing track of these kinds of important pieces of information regarding your pet’s health, the pet GPS chip helps you keep it all in one place on the easy to use app. From your smartphone, you can be reminded of when your pet needs to go to the vet or the groomer next and what shots they already have or need soon.

Pet GPS chips do more than just track your pet. They are a multipurpose tool that can help you stay on top of your pet’s health and well-being even when you’re not there. To learn more about pet GPS chips, follow the link here.

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