Protect Your Pet’s Paws from the Heat

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Protect Your Pet’s Paws from the Heat

Summer is well underway and that means things are heating up—literally. From the inside of your car to the ground you walk on, the rising temperatures outside could mean danger for your pets. While most people are aware of the danger of leaving your pet in a hot car, there’s another side of summer that pet owners should be aware of—hot asphalt.

Since humans wear shoes most of the time, we often don’t think about the burning temperatures the ground beneath our feet can reach. Did you know that if it’s just 77 degrees outside the temperature of the asphalt can reach 125 degrees? When the temperatures get to 87 degrees, the asphalt can become as hot as 143 degrees. That’s more than enough heat to damage your pet’s paws. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t walk on the hot asphalt barefoot, don’t let your dog do it either

Here are some tips on how you can protect your pet’s paws from the summer heat and avoid burns:

  • Walk your dog when it’s cool—Try taking your dog on walks in the early morning of evening when the sun is not at its highest. This way the pavement has a chance to cool down, lessening the chance of your pet getting burned.
  • Stay on the grass—If it’s possible try walking your dog on grass or dirt areas instead of on the pavement. Grass doesn’t heat up in the sun like asphalt does and it provides your pet with some cushion to walk on.
  • Try Paw Wax—Paw wax is a great product that protects your pet’s feet from hot surfaces and harmful chemicals like road salts in the winter. It goes on your pet’s paw pads and lasts for several hours.
  • Invest in dog shoes—Dog shoes are similar to human shoes, except there’s four of them in a pair! The best dog shoes have rubber soles that provide protection and traction to prevent slips. It might take a few tries before your dog gets used to them, but they are the one of the best forms of protection around.
  • Use a GPS Pet Collar—Certain GPS collars like the GoFindR offer heat sensor features that can tell you if your pet is overheating. Overheating is a common and dangerous side effect of being outside in the summer heat. Investing in a GPS pet collar can mean protecting more than just your pet’s paws from the harmful heat.

Remember to take the necessary precautions and care of your pet when you go to enjoy all the warm weather has to offer. With these tips, there are several different ways you can protect your pet’s paws from the heat and avoid burns.

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