Reasons Your Dog is Eating Grass

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Reasons Your Dog is Eating Grass


We’ve all been there, you walk into your yard only to find your beloved dog chowing down on your lawn. While they may be helping you out with the mowing, eating grass is not necessarily normal behavior for dogs. If you’re concerned that your dog is eating grass, you’re not alone. It’s normal to worry about your pooch when they show unusual behaviors like eating grass, especially considering that when most dogs eat grass they vomit afterward. Veterinarians have not come to an official conclusion about why dogs eat grass when they do, but it’s important to note that the majority of dog owners (nearly 79%) have reported their dogs eating grass or plants at some point. Below are a few reasons why your dog could be eating grass, and when you should be concerned.

Your Dog Doesn’t Feel Well

It’s a commonly accepted theory that dogs eat grass when they already aren’t feeling well. This isn’t the most common cause of dogs eating grass, but one to be on the lookout for. Dogs could be eating grass to induce vomiting when they aren’t already feeling well to make themselves feel better. In surveys taken, only 10 percent of dog owners whose dogs eat grass reported noticing them feeling unwell before the behavior began. And of all dogs that eat grass, only 25 percent of those have been reported to vomit afterward. If you notice your dog acting strange, sleeping a lot or not eating much when the grass eating behavior starts, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet to get checked out. While it may be nothing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Improving Digestion

Dogs who are having digestion troubles may feel the urge to eat grass because of its high fiber content. Grass also has the ability to treat intestinal worms, which could be causing your pooch to eat grass. Your dog could also be eating grass because their body is telling them they need nutrients that they aren’t getting from their regular diet. Studies have shown that owners who put their pets on a high-fiber nutrient-rich diet saw their dogs stop eating grass after just five days. If your pet is consistently eating grass, you may want to consider changing their food to a healthier, organic diet.

Your Dog is Bored

Of course, there is always the explanation that your dog is eating grass because they’re bored. If you’re away from home all day or can rarely find the time to take your dog out to play, this could be a valid explanation for your pet’s grass-eating habits. Try getting your pet more exercise and socializing with other dogs at your local dog park. If you’re working all day, consider hiring a dog walker to walk your pet during the day. It could also be that your pet is eating grass simply because they enjoy the feel and taste of it.

If you’re seeing any other symptoms associated with the onset of the grass eating like vomiting or other sicknesses, then it’s more than likely your pet is fine. If you have any doubts, make an appointment with your vet and let them know the changes in your dog’s behavior.

You’re not alone! Some pictures of the GoFind Inc dogs eating grass in their backyard.

pet gps chip, gps chip for dogs

pet gps chip, gps chip for dogs

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