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From: $8.95 / month with a 30-day free trial

A service plan is required to activate your GoFindR pet tracker.  Whichever plan you choose, the 1st 30 days are always free!

  • Monthly billing at $8.95/month. Charged after the 1st free 30 days.
  • Annual plan billed at $89.95/yr ($7.49 mo) Charged after the 1st free 30 days.
  • 2 Year plan billed at $139/2 yrs ($5.79 mo) Charged after the 1st free 30 days.
  • Millennial Plan billed at $200.00 one time charge and $0 monthly thereafter.**

You can change from the monthly plan to the annual or 2-year plan or vice versa at any time.  Charges will be pro-rated during the month of the change.  To activate your tracker, you will need to create an account on this website and include your billing information.  You can manage your service plan and billing information from your account.

** Expected life of the product is projected to be approximately 27 to 37 months. There is also the possibility of a longer life span or a shorter life span dependent upon the usage of the product.  Manufacturer makes no guarantee of these time frames . Life expectancy is based on the initial delivery date of the unit and does not include warranty replacement, repairs, and unusual usage , etc.  Units not being used for a concurrent 60 day period will loose their connectivity. You must call to have the connection restored.


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Our monthly data plan charges are the most aggressively priced in the industry. We offer the first 30 days free on our all our plans.  You can choose the monthly plan at $8.95 billed monthly or the annual plan at $89.95 billed annually (an effective rate of $7.49 monthly).  Save 25% by signing up for our 2 Year No Hassle plan at $139.00 every 2 years (an effective rate of $5.79 monthly).  That’s below 19¢ per day.  A small price to pay for always knowing where your pet is and to be able to find him if he gets lost.

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Data Plan Pricing

  • 1st 30 Days Free

    The first 30 days are on us!

  • Monthly Plan

    Only 29¢ a day for the peace of mind of knowing where your precious pet is. Recurring charge is billed monthly after your first 30 days.

  • Annual Plan

    Less than 25¢ a day when you sign up for a year - it costs us less, so we pass the savings on to you. Recurring annual charge of $89.95 will start after the first 30 days.

  • 2 Year Worry-Free Plan

    Less than 19¢ a day when you sign up for our No Hassle Plan. $5.79 is the effective monthly rate when you choose the No Hassle plan. Recurring charge of $139.00 every 2 years will start after the first 30 days.

  • Millennial Package

    $200.00 one time charge.

Additional Information
Rate Plan

Monthly, Annual, 2-Year No Hassle, Millennial Package

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1 review for GoFindR Tracking Service

  1. gofind_admin

    This is really a great bargain, especially the annual plan.

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