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Save 67% on the price of a NudgeR, 67% off and annual subscription and 35% on a quarterly subscription

For early adopters, you can capture big savings by ordering now – 67% off the price of a NudgeR and an annual subscription; or 67% off of NudgeR and 35% off of a quarterly subscription.  You can place your order for a NudgeR and subscription package below.  You may order a NudgeR with or without a subscription (in case you wish to gift the NudgeR).  Subscriptions may be ordered at a later date, however please note that the sale price for the subscription may not be available at that later date.

Also available for purchase are gift certificates and a membership to our Consumer Advisory Board.

For your coverage needs, your may order the world-wide version, which provides coverage in any location world-wide and uses AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA.  The NudgeR carrier does not need to be the same as your cell phone carrier as NudgeR operates in its own network.

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NudgeR is a personal medical alert system that stays with your senior 24 hours a day to keep them safe wherever they are - at home, on a walk, at the store, in bed, in the car, even in the bath or shower.  NudgeR may be purchased as either a pendant or a stylish smart watch(coming soon).  Either way, your senior will want to wear it. It's waterproof so they can wear it in the bath or shower. The bottom line is that NudgeR is always on, keeping your senior safe 24x7. No other emergency alert system can do all this, at any price.  NudgeR is sleek, small, and easy to read and use.  It can send emergency alerts from anywhere - world-wide and represents the very latest technology in GPS, fall detection and medical alert products.

NudgeR Subscription Plan

Your NudgeR subscription plan provides the basic functions you need to keep connected to your loved ones.  It includes geolocation, geofencing, automatic fall detection and SOS call for help.  Choose from either a Quarterly or Annual plan.  You may purchase this subscription now, or at a later time, for example if giving NudgeR as a gift.

Consumer Advisory Committee

Become a member of GoFind's NudgeR Consumer Advisory Board.  Assist in the definition of new feature/benefits that you might recommend for seniors. Be part of a testing team for future new products. You will be recognized in our corporate directory as part of our test and features group.

Gift Certificate

You may use gift certificates any time after November 1, 2020 to purchase a NudgeR with an annual subscription. You may gift this to any of your friends or loved ones. The gift certificate will be honored for one year starting November 1, 2020.


Gift Certificates