Tips for Taking Care of your Dog and Working a Full-Time Job

Tips for Taking Care of your Dog and Working a Full-Time Job

It’s inevitable to feel some guilt when you leave your dog at home during the workday. Some dog owners just want to figure out a way to make sure their dog is okay while they’re gone. Others simply try to suppress the guilt they feel by not thinking about it. Whichever category you fall under, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make you feel more comfortable with leaving your furry family member behind as you spend the day hard at work.

When you become a working dog mother or father you are making a choice to leave your dog for a good chunk of day without you. There are a few primary options for this. One option is to leave your dog at home. Another option is to bring your dog somewhere—whether that means bringing them to work or a doggy daycare. While bringing your dog somewhere may be expensive, it can help your dog learn new things and be given extra attention. If you are unable to pay or find a doggy daycare that you love, that’s okay. Good dog owners can also leave their dogs at home with ease, there are just a few guidelines that you should follow to make sure your pet is happy and safe while you are gone.

Ensure they get enough daily exercise

Exercise can not only allow your dog to live longer, but also decrease normal stress levels for your dog. In addition, exercise can make your dog be more tired and want to sleep. This is perfect for when you want to leave your dog at home while you go to the office. If you leave your dog sleepy, you won’t be missing much while they’re home alone and they won’t be missing much of you if they are sleeping. This leads to an amazing rule to live by if you are a working pet owner—exercise with your dog before heading to work. Whether you will take your dog somewhere to be cared for or you leave it at home; walking, playing and tiring out your dog before you leave will increase your dog’s ability to be worry-free and sleeping while you are gone.

Make your home a safe environment

If you are leaving your dog in your home while you are gone, this can be beneficial because they are in a place that they know and are comfortable with. A big portion of being a working dog owner is making sure you prevent separation anxiety for your pet and a guilty residual feeling for yourself. Make sure your home provides a safe environment for your dog. If there are any home repairs that are lingering, fix them. If there are any projects sitting around that your dog should not get into, clean them up. Making your home safe and comfortable is the first step to leaving your dog at home while you work.

Provide your dog with entertainment

A big part of preventing separation anxiety for your dog is keeping it entertained while you are gone. Most research and tracking devices show that pets usually sleep when they are alone, but like humans, they get bored too. A good way to keep them entertained is to give them intricate and safe toys. Toys that can occupy a lot of their time but not be easily chewed or swallowed are best. Another trick is to freeze some toys in water, this allows them to need to be licked and melted before being played with, which can take up some time too.

Find a way to let them out during the day

Another important thing to note is when a dog may need to go out for a bathroom break. If you have a dog over a year old, the absolute longest they should go holding their bladder is 7-8 hours. Any younger than that, or if you have noted that your dog goes often, should be taken care of with a doggy-door and fenced in area or a dog walker. There are many apps that allow safe individuals to be a dog sitter for you and to take your dog out once or twice a day in order to relieve their bladder. If you are unable to install a way for your dog to let themselves out safely, this should be something you look into! In addition to this, if you are going to be gone for your dog’s feeding period. It is important that you look into food dispensers as well. You don’t want your dog to be kept hungry and luckily, there is technology to help us!

Whether your dog is kept at home, at a daycare, or with an occasional sitter. Leaving your dog while you work can be a weird feeling. Monitoring your dog’s activities with a tracking collar or security cameras can help ease your mind and remind you of your dog’s happiness while you’re working hard.

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