What Does Your Dog’s Name Says About You [Quiz]

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What Does Your Dog’s Name Says About You [Quiz]

According to Rover.com 94 percent of people consider dogs to be a part of the family, and 74 percent identify with the label “pet parent” over “dog owner.” No wonder why it’s such a big deal to choose just the right name for your pets. Your pet’s name is more than just a name, it can tell people a lot about your personality. For example names like Spot or Buster tend to mean you’re a traditional person who trends toward the safe and practical. While names like Bubbles and Daisy can mean you’re more creative and willing to take risks. Some people name their pets after celebrities they admire, their favorite food, or even things found in nature. Learn what your dog’s name says about you in this quiz.

What Does Your Dogs Name Say About You?


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  • Jemma richardson
    Posted at 10:22h, 08 March Reply

    My cat daisy past away 2 years ago

  • Error
    Posted at 03:27h, 14 June Reply

    Test out the name you would like to give your dog for a day or two.  Remember any name you give your dog will be a 10-to-15-year commitment for the life of the dog.

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