What is the GoFindR Pet GPS Collar & How Does It Work?

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What is the GoFindR Pet GPS Collar & How Does It Work?

lost-dog-poster-with-collarA family pet is lost every two seconds in the US. Over 10 million pets are lost each year. 1 out of 3 pets are lost during their lifetimes and only 10% of lost family pets are ever found! (National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy and National Humane Society)

They can’t help it. They’re playful and energetic.  They love to run and jump, chase squirrels, bunnies, birds and play with other four-legged friends.  They protect your home and your family.  Sometimes, something scares them and they run off and sometimes they just lose their way back home. If you ever lost a pet or had a scare, you know this feeling.

GoFindR® GPS Pet Trackers combine the best new technologies into a sophisticated, yet simple tracking unit so you won’t lose track of your pet.  GoFindR® tracking units are ideally suited for your four legged family members (dogs or cats) who weigh 10 pounds or more and will fit onto any standard 1” or smaller pet collar.  With our simple and free mobile app you can locate your canine companion or furry feline with the push of a button.  Those little escape artists don’t stand a chance against our state of the art GPS/GSM tracking technology.  To oversimplify it, your tracking collar is always connected to your phone or web based app via GPS/GSM and when an event happens (like those described below) the unit sends an alert to your phone via a text message.  Simple, but sophisticated!

What else can GoFindR® GPS Pet Trackers do?  We put important information about the health and welfare of your pet right into your phone. We tell you when something’s up via a text message alert and reassure you when everything’s alright.  Here’s what kind of alerts and information you will receive about your pet when they are wearing their GoFindR® tracker:

  • TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: Stop a tragedy before it happens. SMS Text message overheat alerts and cold temp alerts.
  • ACCLEROMETER: Measures movement and movement detection.
  • GEO FENCES: You create a “safe zone” for your pet. Ability for multiple GEO fences for home and for travel to ensure your pet is within your defined area.
  • TIMESTAMP: Pinpoints the location and travel route of your pet by date and time to give a history. Check up on your dog walker, or see the amount of activity for today.
  • BARK ALERT, BUILT-IN MICROPHONE: Alerts you if your dog is barking for a defined period of time, set by you.  Know right away when your dog has identified trouble.
  • SMS TEXT ALERTS: Alerts you if there has been a break in your defined safe zone, or barking exceeds the time defined, or that the safe temperature has been exceeded.
  • LOCATE NOW BUTTON: Immediate GPS tracking of a lost pet. Just hit the button.
  • MULTIPLE USERS: Connects everyone in your pet’s life to your app and alerts (up to 5 users). Add your spouse, friends, family, dog walker, or pet sitter.
  • WATER PROOF CASE: Allows for swimming with the collar on.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE CASE: Durable and dependable in all environments.
  • INTEGRATED PET MANAGER: Keep track of your pet’s vital information, schedule vaccinations, keep track of medications and more.

And that’s not all!  Because we use leading-edge technology, we have great accuracy, coverage and a long battery life.

  • GPS TRACKING: Accuracy to within 5 feet.
  • GSM TRACKING: Allows nation-wide coverage for the USA
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Our state of the art battery will allow for up to 5 days of usage without recharging. Full recharge takes approximately an hour.
  • LED INDICATORS: Battery status, low battery alert & GPS signals and alerts.

To utilize the tracking and alert features, you will need to have a data plan for your account.  But don’t worry, it’s unlimited and we have 3 plans to fit all of our clients needs. Your first 30 days are always free.  Just like GoFindR® trackers, our warranty is state of the art! 2 years full replacement and our 30-day full refund guarantee.

GoFindR® is the gold standard in GPS pet tracking collars and we are ushering in a new era of pet care for pet parents.  Life’s too short to worry. Buy a GoFindR® Pet Tracking Collar today.

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