Why Temperature Alerts Are Important for Your Pet’s Safety

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Why Temperature Alerts Are Important for Your Pet’s Safety

Temperatures are only rising as many parts of the country are experiencing heat waves and hot weather during the peak of summer. If you’re a pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the dangerous threat heat and hot temperatures can pose to your dog. Whether it’s inside a car, a kennel, or your backyard, if your pet is exposed to too much heat it can cause harm to their health and in some cases, result in death.

Here are some health-related risks associated with exposing your pets to hot temperature for prolonged periods of time:

  • Skin Fold Pyoderma— This is similar to heat rash in humans and occurs most frequently in dogs that have folds in their skin whether from their specific breed or being overweight. This condition can cause irritation and pain in pets, and if left untreated can result in an infection.
  • Paw Pad Burns— If your pet is left outside for a long time, they could develop burns on the pads of their paws. These burns usually come from walking on hot concrete or asphalt.
  • Dehydration— Unlike a human, your dog can’t tell you when they’re thirsty. Being exposed to heat and high temperatures means your dog will need more water than usual. It’s always a good idea to pre-hydrate your pet and carry water with you wherever you go. Dehydration can lead to serious health issues and cause your dog to pass out.
  • Heat Exhaustion— This is one of the most dangerous health risks associated with hot temperatures. Heat exhaustion happens when your pet is left in hot temperatures for too long and overheats. Signs include difficulty breathing, excessive panting, vomiting, uncoordinated movement, and collapse. If your dog is suffering from heat exhausting cool them down with water and get them to a vet right away.


It can be difficult to tell when your dog gets too hot or overheated because they can’t always communicate with you clearly. It’s always a good idea to keep your dog away from places like a hot car, an overheated kennel, or an outdoor space without adequate shade. To take the guessing work out of it, the best thing you can do to prevent heat exhaustion and heat-related health risks is to invest in a temperature alert system. Temperature alert systems can tell you whether your pet’s body heat is too high or too low and send you an instant warning if your pet is in danger. With a temperature alert system, you can track your pet’s well-being from your smartphone and keep your pet safe from heat-related health risks no matter where you are.


Remember to always practice safety and precautions when taking your dog out in the heat, keep them hydrated, and make sure they have a place to cool down.

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